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week 9!!

Week 9 has been all about Broadcasting and Web Storytelling. You may be wondering, what is web storytelling? Well, from my understanding it is the creation of a piece made through manipulating or recreating a live piece of work into a different entity. For example, using “X-RAY Goggles” to change the web layout of a cite in a different and more unique way. This involves changing the HTML and CSS in some cases. The unique aspect of this week is that we never really think of what is already there as something that we can recreate or innovate. That’s why using the tools and applications during this week was so intriguing because it’s not something we would regularly emerge ourselves into doing.

This week we were asked to replicate this idea with our own web creations. I redid my Canvas Dashboard into a more comedic and personalized interface. You can see it and learn more about it here.

One of my favorite assignments was the Quick Draw application. Depending on your level of thinking fast combined with drawing, this online website was able to guess what exactly you’re drawing based off of previous artists/contributors. I played it a few times because I was surprised how it was able to understand in 20 seconds or less.


Many of these assignments involved understanding the purpose for an interface. For example, creating a network through kumu which is what one web assignment asks of you. I’ve had previous experience with this website and an understanding of how all things connect and overlap. With my interest being in music I wanted to not only understand how some artists are linked together, but how those from different genres and areas also interact.

kumu konnection

My last assignment, I attempted the Photo Through Different Lenses assignment. I wanted to showcase something that I use almost daily and show that they aren’t always being used but sometimes forgotten or lost. I used my headphones as my muse because I use them when walking around campus, at the gym, at my desk, in the library, on the phone…  I use them a lot, and I forget about them a lot too. I guess it’s sort of thank you note that highlights the importance of my headphones.

photo through different lenses

Besides messing with the web, we also got to enjoy listening to the broadcasted shows and live tweet during them. Here’s my post about my thoughts and the experience:

giving ds106 radio a listen!

And finally, my daily creates, composed as a story in this blog post: 

daily create story time

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