Radio Show, Weekly Summaries

week 8

This week consisted of putting together a concise and consistent script. We first began by organizing our google doc on what exactly we planned to record. After communicating through email, we finally met up at the HCC to get to know each other as well start adding more content for the podcast. Then we planned when we will meet up for the recordings because we knew that being together for the recording process would create a cohesive podcast over all. I think this really worked to our advantage because when you listen to our show you can hear that we worked together well and had a lot of fun doing so. Many of the time was spent putting together the clips of sound effects, bumpers, and commercials. For putting together our show, we really thought about what we would like to hear and how to make the audience feel a part of our positive and comedic energy, while also taking listeners on a journey.

It was difficult at times to curate content working with such a small group but we were able to create something that we’re extremely proud of.

Please give Distress Signal a listen.

It incorporates our superheroes through phone calls, breaking news and segments. At the same time it relates to the UMW community and Fredericksburg area by talking about College Ave, the Rappahannock River, and UMW clothing.

Hope you enjoy, we sure enjoyed making it!

Here are my daily creates:

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