Weekly Summaries

week 12 = complete!

This is the first time I’ve finished up the week early! I’m very impressed with myself! I knew that this week was going to be crazy in terms of other classes, so getting this work done was the best method for me. I enjoyed making all the things I did this week and I can honestly say that everything I made I’m very proud of. This week was interesting because it wasn’t really on a specific method like video, or visuals for example. This week in a lot of ways tied things together that we’ve learned throughout the semester. I choose many of the visual assignments so that I could utilize Photoshop but I also messed with editing through Final Cut Pro which is something I’m less familiar with. So not only did I brush up on some old skills, but I also learned some new tricks along the way. Being that this week was about remixing and mashups, we had to get a little more on the creative side with combinations and bringing our own twist to them.

Here’s what I came up with:

Ramsay is ready for his close up

The next two assignments involved the Remix button:

Holidaze Mashup ft. a ‘Stache

photo through a different lens (part two)

live vs. studio (kali uchis edition)

Tutorial of the week:

Tutorial on “Music Switching, Live Vs Studio”

We also were asked to do two daily creates:

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