Final Project, Weekly Summaries

The Final Week… 14

Wow, we made it through a digitally mind blowing semester. I learned more about digital platforms and apps than ever before! I had enjoyable group projects as well and am so happy with the work we came up with.

DISTRESS SIGNAL BACK: to create the updates on Ceto, Little Brain and Malevolent Melody! Weve created a news page for all our audience’s needs to keep up with breaking news and especially exclusive interviews!

Each of us filmed ourselves answering interview questions as our characters. We then got together and did some crazy editing with Premiere and Photoshop (stuff I didn’t know I was capable of doing) and create 3 cohesive videos! We then added writings, gifs, and links to other posts and supporting posts to talk more about our project. Videos were posted with the articles we each wrote about our characters.

I’m really happy we continued our Distress Signal theme. It helped us be creative and really understand each other and our characters.



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