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final crisis // distress signal is back

For this project, I decided a group project would be an efficient way to end the semester. Although I have so many other projects to worry about, I think that splitting up the work with a group will benefit us all. I chose to reach out to the Distress Signal crew and they were all for working together again. We had a fun time creating our radio show and decided to make a spin of/related product of the Distress Signal radio show. Since our show ended on such an interesting note, we wanted to clarify where our superheroes are now. Are they still fighting crime? Do their powers still work? Is the world the same? Many questions can be asked about the whereabouts of Malevolent Melody, Ceto, and Little Brain. We hope to resolve those questions with our final project. You can listen to the radio show here:


We met up and discussed this idea as well as what exactly we’ll do to showcase their stories. We decided on making a “website” for our radio show that reports on news and is featuring articles with detailed information about our characters after the chaotic attack of Dr. Evil. This website will be a tumblr page created by us and named Distress Signal. There will be articles written, and videos accompanying some of the articles on details of the characters from a year later and more. This project will make use of the following medias; Web Storytelling, Writing, Videos, Visual, and Audio. We look forward to reviving our Distress Signal characters and stories.

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