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the final crisis

Our superhero and super villain identities have been used to fight not only crimes but for our grades. It’s been an adventure using them as a creative outlet of inspiration to fuel some of our assignments. Now that the semester is slowly coming to an end, there is a need for an ultimate goal of our characters. I think it would be interesting if we all had to either work with or against a force that involved utilizing our super powers in some aspect. Maybe if we used a media of our choice to tell a story about defeating a villain (or superhero depending on your character) then we can all have our characters end on a high note in unique ways.

Another cool assignment would be to tie our characters into ourselves. Figuring out the story of how our super heroes depict ourselves could be a fun exploration. We can represent this in multiple forms as well such as video, gifs, comics, audio, and so much more. I would love to have a final project that gives me the opportunity to choose what I’m best at from what I learned in #ds106


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