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photography to me

Photography is an art form that can tell a story without even using words. Its an art that expresses and conveys emotions that words may not be able to translate.

I personally love taking pictures and even though my camera on my phone is garbage, if I have to rent out a camera from the HCC to capture my vision, I will. Because of how evolved technology is, photography has been taken for granted. Being able to capture a photo is accessible to basically everyone. Like I said earlier, even if you don’t have a smart phone (which is rare) you are able to find a camera whether it be renting one, buying one, or simply borrowing a friends. Use your webcam for crying out loud, there’s even a camera on your 3DS.

Not kidding about the camera on your DS (this was taken about a year ago with my previous roommate)
My phone broke and….not kidding I walked around campus with my 3DS for wifi to find my friends for lunch.

What makes a skilled photographer is someone who understands composition, lighting, framing, and using the rule of thirds. Yes there are times that getting the desired shot is effortless but sometimes the thought behind a picture and finding that perfect angle takes more acquired skills.

On the other hand, framing visuals in such a way that they tell a narrative is more complex. It requires these four elements:

exposition, conflict, climax and resolution.

According to Photography and Narrative, the most important question to ask yourself is “what is the story that you want to tell?”

I’ll leave this post on this last thought.. We all have a unique perspective, but are we all capable of displaying it?

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  1. Glad that you rent out cameras from the HCC! I work at the front desk so I love when people use our awesome resources we have! I also like your point about any photo having a story without using words.

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