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Malevolent Melody was born in Brooklyn, New York. She had a tough childhood growing up and often felt misunderstood by her family. She figured that the best way in coping with differences was to be positive and keep a bright smile on her face. Her best friend was someone who helped tremendously by giving her a good laugh and writing songs together. They even had a podcast together that didn’t have too many listeners but it was always the highlight of their week. Her best friend Lyric was someone who lifted her spirits when things were tough at home.

On this particular day, Melody had a weird feeling that something was up with Lyric. She wasn’t in class and they were supposed to hang out at the nearby diner after school. Melody stopped by anyway and ended up getting a strawberry milkshake. Feeling unsure, she tipped her favorite waitress and walked home. Since Lyric and her live on the same street she figured she’d check on her. Approaching her neighborhood she noticed a firetruck and two police cars. Blue and red flashing lights, caution tape and news reporters were surrounding the street. Melody ran up to Lyric as she sat on the curb nearby to ask her what happened. “My mother and father have been murdered Melody! How will I go on?!” She fell into Melody’s lap, bursting into million tears. Melody had to now be the joy in Lyric’s life.

Overtime they grew a stronger bond and created songs together to deal with their grief. When they harmonized a powerful sound wave that could break through walls was formed. They had good intentions but would do whatever it takes, no matter who it hurt to get what they want…including vengeance.

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