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You know when you make something really neat, or at least it’s neat to you and you’re all like, “graphic design is my passion!” Well, graphic design is much more than that. I truly did not know that but reading THE VIGNELLI CANONhas really opened my eyes (all while being visually pleasing).

Some of the main things to note about design is that every characteristic has a purpose. Massimo Vignelli begins by talking about the semantics of design:

“Semantics, in design, means to understand the
subject in all its aspects; to relate the subject to
the sender and the receiver in such a way that it
makes sense to both. It means to design something
that has a meaning, that is not arbitrary, that
has a reason for being, something in which every
detail carries the meaning or has a precise purpose
aimed at a precise target.”

Other points that I noted were syntactic consistencies including components such as the structure, typefaces, text, illustrations and headlines. With all of these elements, consistency is what keeps the message effective. He says that one way to be consistent is to create a grid.

While these are points that were in the aspect of print, this can easily be applied to digital. Some of these elements are not really taken in consideration especially because many of us are self taught. We don’t use a handbook to make sure that our work is aesthetically pleasing, but we could. Vignelli says that with all we create we need to be intellectually elegant by creating designs that are timeless and primary shapes that create clear, simple, and enduring visuals. The more thought put into your creation, the more appreciative your audience will be, and they will definitely remember your creation.

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