Audio, Thoughts and Ideas

audio = storytelling

Every week we learn about a new form of storytelling. I feel that each one is important since they can support each other as well as work independently and still convey a narrative. One of the magical aspects of audio is that it doesn’t require a visual to create them. As you can hear in Moon Graffiti, sound effects, music, and strong narration helps to create a story within the imagination. You’re able to picture what is going on, similar to reading a story. It somewhat reminded me of an advanced audio book. The music helps to set the scene, while the sound effects help with visualization and aid in understanding the emotions of Armstrong and Aldrin.

When I think of audio, I mostly think of it being an addition to other mediums. Audio by itself is less utilized causing me to believe there is a greater demand for audio storytelling. I’m looking forward to the stories I’ll create during this week in #ds106

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