Radio Show

our show: Distress Signal

As a group (Ashleigh, Jordan, and Ana), we decided on a very typical radio show… but with a twist. It will be based off of a world in which superheros are known of, talked about, and broadcasted about on the radio. Our show will have news and updates, interactive games with the hosts, a possibility of “callers,” but we will also include a story that should surprise all of our listeners. I personally want to keep it a secret but the games and updates will help the listener better understand our story and our superhero characters. Hopefully it will be a fun experience on both ends.

Working productively as a team, we’ve been communicating through email and our organized Google Doc. The doc has our ideas and thoughts on the show, as well as a chart dividing the work. Next week we plan to record our show in total and can’t wait for the finished product.

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