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daily create story time

  listed below are my daily creates in order: i drew a groovy fox #ds106 #tdc2115 pic.twitter.com/YcgrCzJM2N — Alaina Archie (@girlycurlyfries) October 24, 2017 well it's already pretty close to this, but hey they probably won't even need a teacher… #ds106 #tdc2117 pic.twitter.com/oYCENY3ZUA — Alaina Archie (@girlycurlyfries) October 27, 2017 Raging Rabbit is my name.… Read More daily create story time

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kumu konnection

MUSIC COLLABZ  For this map, you’re looking at the many connections within artists not even necessarily connected by genre. Many of these artists overlap in the music they create and have made connections over time by maturing as artists, learning different and unique styles. I have a strong obsession with music so making this was… Read More kumu konnection

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web story telling

So far I’m really enjoying these web assignments! It’s pretty neat to be able to manipulate something that you might not be capable of otherwise. I love that so many people used the idea of manipulating Amazon by catering to their interests like Morph Shadow’s costume, or the resume our professor mentioned. I decided to… Read More web story telling

Assignments, Web


For this assignment, we were asked to create drawings according to what word we’re given. What is crazy is that you’re basically playing Pictionary with the computer! This was so fun that I did it twice. In the picture shown above, this was my second attempt, and they could recognized all of them for the… Read More QUICK DRAW

Radio Show, Weekly Summaries

week 8

This week consisted of putting together a concise and consistent script. We first began by organizing our google doc on what exactly we planned to record. After communicating through email, we finally met up at the HCC to get to know each other as well start adding more content for the podcast. Then we planned… Read More week 8

Weekly Summaries

Week 7

For week 7 we’re exploring and creating in the world of Radio! My group members and I have decided to create a podcast full of activities, themed games, news about our superheroes and some musical content all relating to our superheroes/villains. We decided our group name will be Distress Signal, you’ll understand why when you… Read More Week 7