Weekly Summaries

video week 10

If every week was video related I would not be bothered. This form of media is one that I really enjoy manipulating and gaining more skills about so I can apply them to other endeavors related to editing. When I first started editing, it was very intimidating and at my summer internship. They gave me… Read More video week 10

Weekly Summaries

week 9!!

Week 9 has been all about Broadcasting and Web Storytelling. You may be wondering, what is web storytelling? Well, from my understanding it is the creation of a piece made through manipulating or recreating a live piece of work into a different entity. For example, using “X-RAY Goggles” to change the web layout of a… Read More week 9!!

Radio Show, Weekly Summaries

week 8

This week consisted of putting together a concise and consistent script. We first began by organizing our google doc on what exactly we planned to record. After communicating through email, we finally met up at the HCC to get to know each other as well start adding more content for the podcast. Then we planned… Read More week 8

Weekly Summaries

Week 7

For week 7 we’re exploring and creating in the world of Radio! My group members and I have decided to create a podcast full of activities, themed games, news about our superheroes and some musical content all relating to our superheroes/villains. We decided our group name will be Distress Signal, you’ll understand why when you… Read More Week 7

Weekly Summaries

week 6 – audio

For this week in digital storytelling we we’re given the opportunity to explore via design. I never thought too highly of design but throughout this week I have gained a deeper appreciation on the subject. Whether you’re designing an ad or a comic strip, there are universal rules to follow that can help create a… Read More week 6 – audio

Weekly Summaries

week 5 AUDIO

Okay so this week has been tricky. I truly had not messed so much with audio in my life. I have learned a lot though and hope this skills stay with me.  I think this week involved the most creative thinking and I put more pressure on myself because I feel like recording and music… Read More week 5 AUDIO