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Video Essay

I’m really excited about this week for a number of reasons. My main reason is because I love creating video content. There’s something about editing that I really enjoy so I was really eager to get started with these interesting assignments. We were asked to watch and read about what exactly it means to read a movie. It’s about creating an understanding of why certain techniques are used and what works best for specific scenarios.  I decided to create my video essay about a cartoon called Steven Universe. I not only enjoy watching it but have such respect based off it’s storyline and animation style. If you haven’t seen this show I would recommend taking a view because it’s so dang cute and powerful! I picked the first episode for two reasons, no spoilers and it was on Youtube so easier for me. Then I made a script while watching the show, later recorded my voice over and downloaded the clip from youtube to create a MP4. Finally I combined all my content using Adobe Premiere which I’m vaguely familiar with but find it much easier than other applications. Last but not least, I uploaded it to Vimeo. You can view it below by using the password: universe

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