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Ramsay is ready for his close up

So I guess this obsession with Gordon Ramsay is continuing throughout each couple weeks.. because here he is again, in what I would believe to be a nightmare for him.

Here Gordon Ramsay is shown stuck in a field of flowers. It seems as if he is calling for help because he doesn’t like this flowery crap. It’s a bunch of bollocks. He’d much rather be in the kitchen teaching the Hell’s Kitchen contestants how to run his new restaurant in Las Vegas. Instead, he’s stuck here just shouting in the flowery void for an answer. It’s hard to tell if someone will answer.

For this assignment I used google searches such as “Gordon Ramsay” and “field of flowers,” to find the perfect photos to describe a different representation of Ramsay. He’s actually yelling at someone on Hell’s Kitchen in this picture which I figured is the total opposite of serene flowers. I then saved the images and imported them to Photoshop. Then I cut the picture of Ramsay and pasted him in the field. Next, I cut pieces of the field behind him to put on top of him so that he would blend in and look more like he’s stuck in the field. I could’ve used the clone stamp but I can never figure out how. Lastly I saved it as a JPEG and posted it on here! I think the contrast of these two images works with the assignment because I used two completely unrelated photos.


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