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pixeled malevolent melody

Okay so this assignment was very tricky. What mostly got me is how do you even make the image that pixelated size? I used Photoshop again and tried to make the photo 16 by 16 pixels which it wouldn’t let me size it that way…so it was 16 by 11. THEN when I saved it, it was tiny… so I figured why not screenshot it so you can see it.. but I can’t seem to find where the screenshots are going… SO THEN I used Luna Pic, to pixelate it. I’m not really sure how to resize this thing but here is what I came up with:

This is a drawing of what I believe Malevolent Melody would look like.. she has firey pink hair and glasses. I drew this on photoshop with a drawing tablet. I would’ve added her keytar but there aren’t enough pixels for that..


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