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photo through a different lens (part two)

So I created this gif (if it doesn’t play, click it and then it definitely should!). One of the options for remixing an assignment is to “Bootcamp it,” which basically means make it trickier. I decided to use a past web assignment called Photo Through Different Lenses, which consisted of collecting images of the same thing in different settings. I did mine of headphones because listening to music in general is something important to me and being able to do so on the go is one of the best things ever made available to us. (be thankful people, I’m literally at the HCC right and ignoring the people chatting it up in this room thanks to a pair of headphones.) It asks you to just post the pictures but I wanted to make it more intense by creating a gif out of the pictures. I also added features to the photos such as making all the other pictures not of me black and white, and the photo of me in color. This kinda tells a story in a way, like the headphones by themselves aren’t really making a big impact, but when I’m wearing them and listening to music, I’m happy and colorful and jammin’ out. I also added some “clip art” if you will, of music related things and to symbolize my love for music.

I think that this relates to my superhero Malevolent Melody as well because of her love and passion for music. I’m sure something she never leaves home with is her handy pair of headphones. Also music is something that fuels her in a lot ways kinda like me in this gif and in general. 

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