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live vs. studio (kali uchis edition)

For this assignment we were asked to combine a live version and a studio recorded version of one song. I took this opportunity to use the footage I got when I went to a Kali Uchis concert a few weeks ago. I also previously edited the live version in my free time to attempt to make it look like it was recorded on a VHS. What I thought was interesting is the distinction of the live version of Kali’s ending to Loner, vs. the studio recorded version. The concert version felt more impactful and in a weird way more genuine. I do prefer the recorded version, as that is perfected and polished but at the same time I enjoy the rawness of live music. The instrumental is also a big difference.

I tried to make the video visually pleasing by keeping some music video aspects to tie it into the live version. I would’ve added more things but I wanted it to start at the point I would be comparing in the end. Overall I like the way it turned out!

I used Final Cut Pro to edit it and export it.

This relates to Malevolent Melody in an interesting way. When she is fighting battles with her best friend Lyric, she becomes very vulnerable to her enemies along with friends. She fights with all of her heart kinda like singers do when they sing on stage. It’s a whole new way of seeing them. When Melody is in battle mode, it’s something rare and unique for an audience, especially because her powers are like no others. 

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