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“It takes ten times as many muscles to frown as it does to smile.”

Blonde hair,

Blue eyes,

Girl who is at peace when nature is applied.

Eyes as blue as the skies,

And a brain full of all the secrets in the world.

Her heart is compassionate.

It rarely crosses her mind that she should worry less about others.

But she cares,

And she shows that through more than just her soft voice.


Brown curls,

Brown eyes,

Girl who walks with her head held high,

And an outfit that maintains her cool and chill vibes.

Her mind is full of thoughts of chaos and confusion.

Her positive outlook covers it all.

But Blue eyes knows Brown eyes,

When they’re repressing the true feelings within,

When they’re hiding the fears that haunt her in the night.


It takes ten times as many muscles to frown as it does to smile.

But sometimes the eyes speak louder than the mouth.

Background about this assignment: 

For this assignment you’re asked to use a fortune cookie (or in this case a fortune cookie generator) to help guide you in a narrative. I am not one to write narratives, besides when I tell a really good story about something that happened to me. Something I think I’m better at writing is poems. I googled what a narrative is and came to find out that really, it’s just telling a story and poets do that all the time. Although I don’t write them too often, when I do, it’s a creative outlet for my feelings.

This poem is about two people who love each other and are able to overlook when a smile is covering up their true feelings of sadness or doubt. I think we all know someone whether it be your mother, your best friend, or your significant other who just knows when you’re not your usual self without even asking. That is really what this poem is about.

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