Assignments, Thoughts and Ideas

here’s some advice

The beginning of this class was definitely overwhelming. For one, this was my first go at an online course. Understanding the necessary requirements, and needed accounts via many readings is what began the worries. But during the course of understanding the structure and how to complete a weeks worth of assignments, I began to appreciate the art of digital storytelling.

I learned this through the course of this class, but I wish I would’ve known sooner that the journey of this class is much more entertaining if you let yourself have fun. I noticed that I would get wrapped up in the technical aspects when really, creating something that was enjoyable for yourself is what is more important. You will still understand each of the different elements we go over even if you don’t do it perfectly. This entire course was a learning process for me and somewhat of a review for the skills I did know.

I would suggest taking this class if you want to add a bit of creativity into your course load. It sometimes seems excessive but don’t worry, it will get done, especially if you manage your time wisely.


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