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giving ds106 radio a listen!

This week we presented our radio projects! It was really interesting listening to how other groups ideas came together. My favorite part of it is the live tweeting aspect. I never knew how much I enjoyed live tweeting until this class really! It’s just cool to see a lot of the class coming together and being able to interact on such a fast paced platform. I tuned in to 30 Minutes with Hannah, where she not only had an interview with a fellow superhero, but had interactive games for the listeners on Twitter to chime into. The game was playing reverse superhero songs where we used their provided hashtag to tweet our guesses of what the song was. I thought that was a very inviting idea and even got me involved! Overall, the show was great and seemed well planned. I also listened to our podcast, Distress Signal and saw the reactions of people tuning in. They were all positive and people felt it was very produced, sounding professional. We even got to hear input from Jordan through the Google Hang out, which I failed to get the Hang of… get it.. anyway, very fun experience and worth all the hard work!

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