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fire mixtape

If mixtape is in a sentence I kind of always have to add fire before it.. sorry ya’ll. Anyway I made a playlist via Soundcloud. I actually haven’t done that before. Whenever I like a song on SoundCloud I usually just “like” it and then listen to my liked songs later. I know they don’t always have the song you want but they always have an alternative or a song that you have never heard before which is why I enjoy their application. I first picked out sounds through my Spotify and wrote some down based on how they make me feel. Do they feel like summer vibes or winter? How do I feel when the leaves start to change? These kind of questions guided which songs I would choose. During this process I decided that a creative way to make it even more themed is by adding sounds of the seasons. I did this by using, importing them in audacity, and shortening and fading out the sounds. This playlist is best enjoyed in order to really feel the seasons change. This was soo fun and I probably spent more time than I should of but this is one of my favorite things to do so I went all out.

Final Product: 

Please let me know how you feel about it!

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