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Explaining the Superhero

For this assignment, it says the explain the spy. In order for it to apply to our semester together, I decided to explain the superhero. #3stars

My thought behind creating Malevolent Melody was somewhat inspired by Ember McLain. I was actually explaining to my friend how I want my character to be about music and have powers relating to it. She then told me, that it reminded her of an episode of Danny Phantom. I think that somehow my subconscious remembered that idea because I have definitely seen that episode and I went with it. Instead of creating my superhero as a ghost or villain I went on the more positive route in making my character. Her main goal is to fight injustice. This came about since her best friend experienced the death of both of her parents. Because she cares dearly about her best friend Lyric, who has helped her when she needed the most support, she wants to do all she can to figure out who is the blame for this murder while making good music during the process. Ember McLain became a ghost after a tragic fire but in her before past life, she was full of anger and that carried on with her in her Ghost life.  I hope to use more of her casting of spells ability with Melody and her Keytar. I like my current idea of harmonizing with her best friend Lyric to create powers (powerful sound waves), but I worry that it’s not enough. I just want Malevolent Melody to be hardcore and sometimes evil but has good intentions for the most part, like most humans.

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  1. I think you incorporated just the right amount of Ember. While both use music for their powers, Malevolent Melody sounds like a really unique character. I’m looking forward to her collaborating with Lyric to serve some justice.

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