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Here is a promo I’ve created for Distress Signal, a podcast where we plan to feature games and activities related to our superheroes, and include information on news about the superheroes (us) to help the listener understand the hosts more and be able to connect as if they are living in a superhero world. For this promo, I wanted to play on the idea of making a comic strip out of a scene. I found this comic strip and did some editing to it myself to make it applicable to our show. I used Photoshop tools such as the eye dropper to find the right colors and cover over some original things. This helped me put the DS 106 logo easier (which was made in a separate doc and pasted over) and it looks like it belongs there thanks to the paintbrush tool. I painted over the top left as well and added a blurb about what Distress Signal will feature in it’s show. I plan to post this ad to Twitter when our show will be playing on ds 106 radio!


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