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For this assignment I wanted to keep it in the area. I took a few pictures of the campus advertisements based off of the well location and the fact that it was eye catching enough to be picture worthy. Here is some things that I’ve found as well as the design characteristics spotted:

Blood Drive Ad: 

Blood Drive <3

  • color: shows accord in color and fonts respond to the other font (the smaller text is the less highlighted info) big text is bold and bigger because its the main point)
  • typography: matching fonts, aesthetically pleasing
  • metaphors/symbols: use of hearts relating to red cross/blood donating
  • minimalism & use of space: well divided, usage of border helps to connect and align
  • form/function/message: message is clear
  • balance: balances by usage of font sign, using centering of words so its easier to read.
  • rhythm: the order in which the information is given is easy to understand and clear
  • proportion: uses all the space well
  • dominance: title is dominant
  • unity: color and font creates this unity

Performer Ad 


  • color: uses three main colors and connects it through the ad (in the shapes, on the left side, and font)
  • typography: uniformed, inviting, consistent
  • metaphors/symbols: uses basic shapes for speech bubbles
  • minimalism & use of space: leaves no empty space (could be bad because its a lot to take in but also it looks good so I don’t view it as overwhelming)
  • form/function/message: clear, inviting, nice color scheme and consistent
  • rhythm: flow of the message, information is clear and well written
  • proportion: good separation of event and description
  • dominance: the name and the picture are most prominent but it helps to retain the event

Carl’s Glowing Sign

Carl's of the Burg

  • color: 3 basic colors, united through out the sign
  • metaphors/symbols: use of ice cream, the main product sold.
  • minimalism & use of space
  • form/function/message: straight to the point, doesn’t sugar coat it.. hehe
  • balance: the title of the place is proportionally bigger than the products sold, easy to read, well lit
  • rhythm: smooth, easy to read, color helps it flow (helps to recognize that some words aren’t together like “creme shakes” the green makes it read as a separate entity)
  • proportion: big and eye catching

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