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Day in the Life of a Superhero

Even though I created this assignment, I don’t like it anymore because I came up with my own Superhero theme and name soooooo based off of that information, I will be creating a day in the life of Malevolent Melody. You can see more information about her in my dossier.

I woke up in the best mood today. It’s Friday and Lyric and I have our podcast today! Today we plan to play our first original song so it’s a pretty big day. Obviously the universe knew today was supposed to be a great day because it began raining, and I missed the bus to school. I thought to myself, “I guess I’ll walk… in the rain… in the cold… all alone… ” But hey I made it to class and got a test back… it was … average… D+ but hey… not an F, am I right? I kept positive all day long because I didn’t want anything to ruin this day, but when I saw Lyric in the hallway these jerks were picking on her, which I’ve been told about many times. I defended Lyric and decided to be the better person today and invited them to listen to our show, even better I invited them to come over and watch us sing it live! I looked at Lyric and she was so done with me, but she didn’t know what I had planned for them… (sneaky sneaky)

8pm, showtime:

The bullies were over, already judging all my equipment and our layout, and I was already biting my tongue which is not good for singing.

“Days get hard but days go by, the more we worry the more we’ll cry. You gotta keep positive, you gotta keep on shinning. Not gonna let anyone see us weep, we just gotta get through another week.”

Sound waves were all around and making our sheet music fly at crazy speeds; it was pretty spooky and totally freaking out the bullies. (it happens when we harmonize) They ended up weeping  and running out and we just laughed all night about it. Sometimes you gotta let your powerful voice make a powerful impact.

2 thoughts on “Day in the Life of a Superhero

  1. I agree! It was hard for me to write a day in the life of another superhero when I had spent time this week making up my own character!

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