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cover + original

For this assignment I was asked to combine cover songs with another cover song. I decided to remix it a little bit and combine a cover by Amandla Stenberg of “Let My Baby Stay,” with the original instrumental by Mac Demarco.  It was really hard and I’m not that proud of this combination. For one I spent at least an hour trying to combine a rap song with a video game song of either Mario or Sonic. I ended up doing the cover assignment instead. This cover is slightly faster than the original song so I spent forever trying to make it slower.

My superhero Malevolent Melody plays this song whenever she’s feeling down and especially plays the cover in the mirror as a way to cheer her up.  

Everything I did made it too fast and I just can’t figure out why so this is what I have:

I did my best…also soundcloud would not let me upload this sorry

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