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Background about this assignment: 

For this assignment you’re asked to combine two photos to create one. I am familiar with Stephen McMennamy’s work  from taking digital art in the past. I felt that I would really enjoy doing this assignment because they’re really cool pics and I’ve always wanted to make one! I used Photoshop because I’ve become very familiar with Adobe products. I think the hardest part was figuring out what two things to combine. At first I wanted sprinkles involved but that didn’t work out so the next best thing was ice cream! If I could change anything about it, I would make the background of the top half gray like the bottom half… heck, maybe I will when I get some time. I’ll keep you updated :p

1 thought on “ComboPhoto

  1. I love that you used an ice cream cone to work with the floral arrangement’s round shape. It became an ‘edible arrangement’! (With real flowers, not fruit, of course.) This could potentially make a great series if you continued combining flowers with other items like lollipops, bubbles, balloons, etc. Nice work!

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