week four is complete!!

Hello to all who keep up with my blog which I hope is at least someone. Photography week has been one of my favorite so far. If you haven’t noticed from some of my previous posts, I enjoy creating things especially when they result in a visual. During this week I’ve had to channel some guided creativity that helped me brush up on my Photoshop skills as well as learn some new features and skills throughout the process. After understanding what photography is all about and how narrating can be done just as well if not better than words with just visuals, I began my journey through the assignment bank.

Here are some links to the things I’ve created as well as some of the thought and process behind it:

Wonder Business Woman, Flashback Friday, and Pixel Malevolent Melody 






the vision

I watched Riverdale on Netflix in order to see the main aspects of cinematography. While watching I found a few of these characteristics and screenshot them.

In this scene, the rule of thirds is being utilized
This image demonstrates perspective, as we see an over the shoulder shot of Veronica during an intense conversation
Lighting is coming from the background window to create a dramatic effect, effortlessly
Here we see the action in the foreground as well as the background


Here is the list of the challenge I was given:

The journey began at Custis, heres a clock to prove it.


Something red

Sometimes I feel old like this really giant old tree.

Self portrait without my face. How bout a shadow instead?

Recycle or trash it? YOU DECIDE!

Pictures dominated by one color

Contrasting colors? I’m not sure about this one

pixeled malevolent melody

Okay so this assignment was very tricky. What mostly got me is how do you even make the image that pixelated size? I used Photoshop again and tried to make the photo 16 by 16 pixels which it wouldn’t let me size it that way…so it was 16 by 11. THEN when I saved it, it was tiny… so I figured why not screenshot it so you can see it.. but I can’t seem to find where the screenshots are going… SO THEN I used Luna Pic, to pixelate it. I’m not really sure how to resize this thing but here is what I came up with:

This is a drawing of what I believe Malevolent Melody would look like.. she has firey pink hair and glasses. I drew this on photoshop with a drawing tablet. I would’ve added her keytar but there aren’t enough pixels for that..


~ flashback friday ~

This is my girlfriend Lindsay and she’s always thinking about or drinking  juice or coffee 😛


For this assignment we were asked to recreate a past version of someone or ourselves. I used Lindsay as my someone for this and luckily have a whole album of pictures of her drinking different things like Capri Suns (pictured above), iced coffee, thai tea, and iced tea. I already wanted to combine those photos so I did so with Photoshop.

Some things never change.. besides her having glasses. 😎

photography to me

Photography is an art form that can tell a story without even using words. Its an art that expresses and conveys emotions that words may not be able to translate.

I personally love taking pictures and even though my camera on my phone is garbage, if I have to rent out a camera from the HCC to capture my vision, I will. Because of how evolved technology is, photography has been taken for granted. Being able to capture a photo is accessible to basically everyone. Like I said earlier, even if you don’t have a smart phone (which is rare) you are able to find a camera whether it be renting one, buying one, or simply borrowing a friends. Use your webcam for crying out loud, there’s even a camera on your 3DS.

Not kidding about the camera on your DS (this was taken about a year ago with my previous roommate)
My phone broke and….not kidding I walked around campus with my 3DS for wifi to find my friends for lunch.

What makes a skilled photographer is someone who understands composition, lighting, framing, and using the rule of thirds. Yes there are times that getting the desired shot is effortless but sometimes the thought behind a picture and finding that perfect angle takes more acquired skills.

On the other hand, framing visuals in such a way that they tell a narrative is more complex. It requires these four elements:

exposition, conflict, climax and resolution.

According to Photography and Narrative, the most important question to ask yourself is “what is the story that you want to tell?”

I’ll leave this post on this last thought.. We all have a unique perspective, but are we all capable of displaying it?

Week 3

This week I have been writing my fingers off! Not only for this class but for other classes as well. My favorite aspect about this week was how creative I’ve been. Writing my dossier for Malevolent Melody was most enjoyable and I’m actually surprised I enjoyed it so much. I learned a lot about superheros and how they originated along with the typical story line for the theme. Learning more about superheroes has helped me create my own, with a better understanding of what is necessary.

If I wasn’t being creative with the making of my character, I was completing writing assignments such as these:

I feel like there isn’t much explaining to do about writing. You just think a little, let your creative thoughts flow and let em out.

Day in the Life of a Superhero

use only the ten hundred most common words

Explaining the Superhero


Daily creates:

my favorite creation using photoshop

I used Photoshop and paint for all my creations. I plan on installing gimp for next weeks assignments to learn a new platform.



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